Analysers and gauges for automotive

The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sector in the world by revenue, and it is expected to continue growing. In the last five years, the global production of motor vehicles increased from 78 millions to 90 millions.

The automotive industry employs several millions people in the private sector  worldwide, in disciplines such as materials research, design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, etc.

Its supply chain is complicated and includes many tiers, such as raw materials suppliers (steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, rubber…), and components suppliers (engine parts, car seats, electronics, fabrics, software…).

This industry is constantly evolving as it faces environmental challenges (e.g. ELV regulations, fuel efficiency, emissions control), and increased safety requirements.

Oxford Instruments develops and provides reliable tools to help automotive industry professionals meet today’s and tomorrow’s elemental analysis requirements. We create expert technology that is simple to use and quick to analyse key elements in a range of materials (e.g. metal alloys, polymers, fuel), and coating thickness on a variety of components (e.g. paint, zinc-nickel, electroless nickel). This helps suppliers and manufacturers to ensure raw materials and components meet strict specifications, and to make processes more efficient, more consistent and more profitable.

Automotive Expert

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