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Globally, 1290 million tonnes of waste are created per year and this is predicted to almost double by 2025. Our experts have been providing products and analysis for the waste/recycling industry for over 50 years. We create expert technology that is simple to use and quick to analyse key elements in a range of materials including: waste oils, wood, metals, e-scrap and plastic. This helps the waste/recycling industry to make processes more efficient, more consistent and more profitable which is good for business and the environment.
Metals recycling is a multi-billion dollar industry which involves the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap into secondary raw material for the smelting of new metals. Over 400 million tonnes of scrap are processed each year. Sorting scrap metal through testing adds value at all stages of the metal recycling process, from sorting mixed scrap into low value and high value materials, to determining the composition of the scrap that goes into the melts and the quality of the output. Our analysers are used worldwide in the scrap metal processing and recycling market to add value at every stage of the metal recycling process. We provide a full range of instrumentation capable of meeting all recycling/scrap metals analysis needs.
When choosing the right tool for the job, it is important to carefully consider the requirements. Which elements are required for analysis and at what levels? How large are the volumes? How critical is analysis speed? And are X-rays an issue? When the strengths of the handheld XRF, OES and LIBS technologies are combined, even the most demanding requirements for the recycling industry can be met – from trace-level contaminant analysis to fast and accurate identification of the alloys, and just about everything in between.

NEW Application Note

X-MET8000 series for rapid determination of chlorine in plastic materials.

Applications Notes

Application Note: X-MET8000 series for rapid determination of chlorine in plastic materials 553.71 KB


Applications Note: X-MET8000 for the analysis of Pt, Pd and Rh in catalytic converters 1.00 MB



    Article: “Analyzing Metals with Handheld Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)” (AM&P) 371.86 KB


    Article: “Latest advances in portable elemental analysers” (Recycling International) 546.82 KB


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