Analysers for metal production

Metal and alloys are one of the most important raw materials; the global production has been growing significantly in the past years. The product range covers standard materials to high-end products, from Aluminium to stainless steel, base, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, included in nearly any product and production process.

To make sure, that the raw materials meet all demands for further processing and the end product, seamless, accurate and precise quality control at multiple stages of the metals production is the key:

  • Tramp element analysis for scrap
  • Inspection of in-coming materials
  • QA/QC in the foundry process
  • QA/QC of outgoing goods

With our products the quality control for all stages of production can be covered:

  • Handheld and mobile analysers for fast sorting of scrap, testing incoming goods and quality control of the end products
  • Optical emission spectrometers for analysing the melt for charging (add or dilute elements) to get the correct composition

Metal Production Expert

Willy is our metal production expert. If you have any questions or comments about our analysers please ask our experts.