Benchtop XRF for bulk analysis


XRF analysis with the highly flexible and powerful energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer X-Supreme8000 for quality assurance and process control requirements across a diverse range of industries.

Analysis can be performed on a wide range of sample types including solids, liquids, powders, pastes, films, etc., from ppm to high %, covering elements Na11 to U92 in the periodic table.

Complies with ASTM D4294, ISO8754, ISO20847 and ISO13032 test methods

Applications: Petroleum & oil, wood treatment, minerals, mining, cosmetics, Cement, paper, agriculture/food


The Lab-X3500 is designed to perform in a wide range of locations wherever quality control is required, e.g. in the laboratory or on-site. It is a reliable and affordable XRF analyser for a wide range of industries such as petroleum, wood treatment, cement, minerals, mining and plastics.

The Lab-X3500S/Cl model is optimised for analysis in air path thereby avoiding the requirement any external gas.

Complies with ASTM D4294, ISO8754, ISO20847 and IP336

Applications: Petroleum/petrochem, wood treatment, minerals, cosmetics, cement, paper

X-Supreme8000 Benefits
  • Minimal or no sample preparation
  • FocusSD technology for speed, accuracy and long-term reliability
  • Flexibility to perform qualitative, semi and full quantitative analysis
  • 10 position sample carousel for unattended operation
  • Integrated PC
  • Large, easy to read colour graphics for clarity and ease of use
  • Touch screen display (optional) for simple and rapid data input
  • Rugged and robust design for harsh environments
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful features for advanced operators
  • Data automatically displayed, printed, stored locally or on a network drive
Lab-X3500 Benefits
  • Little or no sample preparation
  • Liquids and powders often measured ‘as received’
  • Wide-range, multi-element capability
  • Low limits of detection
  • Rugged and robust design for harsh environments
  • Automatic gain stabilisation for optimum instrument stability
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible software for user customisation and method development
  • Easily programmed instrument parameters
  • Comprehensive qualitative or full quantitative analysis
  • Results displayed live and updated
  • Automatic print of results after analysis

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Brochure: X-Supreme8000 2.85 MB


    Application Note

    Application Note: Lab-X3500 for marine fuels analysis to comply with emissions regulations 2.70 MB


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