Gauges for PCB Coatings

A complete range of PCB copper coating thickness gauges that are ideally suited for non-destructive coating and plating thickness measurement as well as through-hole thickness measurements for printed circuit boards.

Typical applications include:

  • PCB manufacturing
  • Copper surface thickness
  • Copper thru-hole thickness
  • Copper foil and laminate thickness


Brochure: A Range Of Complete Solutions For Coating Thickness Analysis 1.35 MB


Brochure: Copper thickness measurement with temperature compensation - CMI165 277.20 KB


Brochure: Highly flexible equipment for copper measurement - CMI760 266.76 KB


Brochure: Measure copper foil thickness in less than a second - CMI95M 283.22 KB


Brochure: Surface copper measurement - CMI563 272.06 KB


Brochure: Temperature compensating gauges for measuring plated thru hole copper thickness - CMI511 265.56 KB


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    Compare Technologies for Coating Thickness Analysis

    Handheld Gauge
    Benchtop XRF Analyser
    Handheld XRF Analyser
    CMI Series
    MAXXI, Eco and X-Strata Series
    X-MET Series
    Large, heavy parts
    Zn / Fe, Cr / Fe
    ZnNi / Fe, SnZn / Fe
    Cr / Ni / Cu / ABS
    NiP / Fe
    Zr, Ti, Cr pre-treatments at nm-scale
    Au / Pd / Ni / Cu
    Sn / Ni / Cu
    Pb-free solder
    PCB Cu – surface and thru-hole
    Anodizing, paint on metal substrates